Hard to believe, but it’s been ten years since we started NetQuarry.  We founded NetQuarry ten years ago today – September 24, 2004.  By the middle of 2005 we were live with our first real customer, iLuxCars, which is still running today.  In fact, I think all of the apps that we’ve deployed over those ten years are still running.

Back in 2004 we started the NetQuarry platform on the latest version of .Net at the time, .Net 1.1, using VisualStudio 2003.  Today the NetQuarry platform is developed using VisualStudio 2013 and is built for .Net 4.0 and along the way we’ve adopted various industry-standard technologies such as jQuery and Bootstrap, and adopted responsive design.  Over the years the NetQuarry platform has grown to meet the needs of our customers and to keep up with the ever-changing demands of modern web-based applications.  And, despite huge changes, the architecture of the platform has allows us to maintain an incredibly high level of backward compatibility – I’d say virtually 100% (for example, we have a customer who just recently upgraded their platform for the first time in a bit under four years with little more than a recompile).

NetQuarry started as a boutique software engineering firm built around a cutting-edge, web-based platform with incredible dedication to our customers – and that’s what we remain today.  Although we’ve grown a bit since then, the fundamentals haven’t changed one iota.  NetQuarry remains 100% committed to our customers and to providing them with the very best technology available today.

So, thank you to our customers, employees, interns and friends who have helped us get where we are today.

Here’s to the next ten years!