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The best way to understand the possibility that a NetQuarry project can offer your business is to meet our team.


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NetQuarry is committed to permanent relationships with our clients. We are expert at translating your business expertise and using that to engineer an application that not only meets your expectations, but also improves your business.

Our most successful client relationships are the most interactive. We strongly suggest regular face-to-face meetings throughout the project, no matter what the stage of development is.

Our clients participate in the design and construction of their application. You will have access to our issue tracking and estimating system, and we will encourage you to participate at every level of engineering, design, and implementation.

The Platform

All NetQuarry projects are based on the NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform.
The NetQuarry Platform is a commercial, off-the-shelf, web based application platform comprised of pre-built software, metadata and tools designed to help professional software teams develop significantly better cloud-based applications. The NetQuarry platform provides a foundation of deep functionality common to all enterprise and hosted applications, including data binding, database virtualization, OS-virtualization, searching, filtering, user interface, and role-based security.

Modern applications demand a modern, service-oriented architecture. It takes a deeply sophisticated engineering infrastructure to provide both rich end-user functionality and full services support. Applications founded on the NetQuarry platform fully participate in an enterprise wide service oriented architecture, all without any additional work on the part of the application developer.

The NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) allows NetQuarry to build and deploy multi-tiered, enterprise quality applications. The EAP sits on the Microsoft .NET common language runtime and provides rich functionality at all layers of an application.


The NetQuarry Platform provides our team with a unique ability to deliver world class applications with a minimum of risk in a substantially reduced time frame. The platform supports industry standard develop / test / deploy patterns that ensure consistent, successful implementations at every stage – design, beta, test, production, point-release. We have moved from design to actual implementation on live projects in as little as 90 days.

Built for the Cloud, Built for SaaS

If you need cloud based, software as a service then the NetQuarry Platform is exactly what you need. Built-in multiple tenant support, expandable scalability, and rich, modern functionality. Applications developed using the platform are 100% ready for internationalization and localization.


Custom applications are developed in C# on the NetQuarry enterprise application platform for Microsoft .NET. Applications are implemented using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and provides full WebServices support (as publisher and subscriber) and sophisticated user/role-based security.

Our Technical Approach

All NetQuarry applications are fundamentally based around the central idea of collaboration. The Platform has deep support for multiple application tenants, layered permissions across user groups, and secure communication between stakeholders.
Our approach, based on our time-proven agile processes, will be to constantly improve the user’s ability to extract actionable information from the application.

At NetQuarry, we strongly believe that the primary purpose of a cloud-based application is to enable all stakeholders to improve their business through a collaborative approach. We are experts at engineering collaborative applications that make our client’s business better.

"NetQuarry tackled complex problems in an elegant and user friendly interface exceeding our expectations all along. The team and the technology have made us successful."

– Peter Placey, California Tax Data

"The platform has allowed us to produce quality features quickly with our entire team. The NetQuarry team is more than tech support, they take an active role in our ongoing business success."

– Kieron Basquille, MK-9

"I've founded three internet companies. NetQuarry designed, built, and supports all three. There is zero technology risk with this team."

– Donny Gath, Founder, Hitfigure

"NetQuarry helped us solve the near impossible - an enterprise application that allows users to compare multiple drugs and treatments across varying clinical trials. The team absorbed our process and became a critical part of our company."

– Roger Longman, RealEndpoints

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