What We Do

NetQuarry builds, sells, and services the NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform. The platform is comprised of pre-built software, metadata and tools designed to help professional software teams develop significantly better enterprise and hosted applications.

The Platform is designed from the ground up as a complete and secure solution for SaaS, enterprise-quality, cutting edge web application development.

NetQuarry also provides consulting, custom development, and architectural design of mission-critical database-backed internet and intranet applications.

How NetQuarry Got Started

The development world is full of tools that promise to save you time. Some of them probably do. At NetQuarry, we felt this wasn’t really enough. The real problem is that there wasn’t anything that helped you actually produce a complete application. Today’s “platforms” are one of two things – either low-level infrastructure (like Microsoft .NET) or problem specific toolkits (like controls or ORM packages).

NetQuarry is an implementation of an architecture. It’s not a pattern or a framework, although that’s part of it, rather it is a integrated part of your application.

We estimate that the functionality in applications built on the Platform is over 75% built-in.

This is ISV functionality – hard to get – real security, localization, preference management, web-farm support, performance, AJAX, accessibility. Unless your budget is nearly unlimited, you will simply never achieve the sort of quality you will get from the NetQuarry Platform in your application built from scratch.

Breakthrough Technology

The NetQuarry Platform is the only complete standalone platform for developing complete, enterprise quality, Microsoft .NET based applications available today.

Continuous Innovation

Our mission is to help developers produce great applications every time.

About Us February 3, 2009