September 24, 2007 – NetQuarry, Inc. announces release of the first-generation meta-data-driven wizard engine for its NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform.

NetQuarry’s new wizard engine is capable of composing wizard pages driven entirely by declarative meta-data. NetQuarry application developers can take advantage of the new wizard engine to add multi-page data collection processes to their applications without writing a single line of code. Like other NetQuarry rendering components, the wizard engine allows developers to customize their application even further by adding programmatic extensions to the wizard.

Earlier versions of the NetQuarry wizard engine required developers to create custom user controls, configured via meta-data into the application, for each page in each wizard. The upgraded wizard engine retains this ability, but adds the ability to create entire wizards in a purely declarative manner.

NetQuarry Chief Scientist Campbell Woods described the idea behind the new functionality this way – “The idea behind the wizard engine improvements is really consistent with one of the design principles we try to incorporate in the platform as a whole. That is, try to make it very easy to do the things developers do all the time and still allow them to reasonably do the one-off things that every application needs.”

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