FULLERTON, Calif. – January 3, 2017 – NetQuarry, Inc. announces release of v4.5.1 of its NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform.

This release is primarily a maintenance release incorporating numerous bug fixes and customer-requested enhancements.

Included in this release are a number of notable new features:

  • New integrations:
    • Added MailGun integration,
    • Added Bugzsnag integration,
    • Added GooGL service.
  • Enhancements to auditing:
    • Improved handling for secure fields,
    • Field-level visibility based on user permissions,
    • Capturing of old/raw values.

In addition, this version includes numerous enhancements across the platform including:

  • Twilio MMS support,
  • Logging of failed SQL for timeouts and deadlock victims,
  • Improved permissioning on console datasheets,
  • Enhancements PhantomGMap control.

Also included in this release are a large number of minor features and bug fixes.

About NetQuarry

NetQuarry develops and licenses the NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform. The NetQuarry platform helps professional software development teams develop significantly better enterprise and hosted applications.

NetQuarry is privately held. For more information, call (877) 824-2524, email info@netquarry.com, or visit our website at www.netquarry.com.