FULLERTON, Calif. – January 4, 2016 – NetQuarry, Inc. announces release of v4.0.2 of its NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform.

This release is the first NetQuarry platform production release with full support for the Bootstrap framework across all major platform elements. It provides a follow-up to v4.0.1 which implemented initial support to allow new Bootstrap-based applications to get a head start on development. Use of the Bootstrap framework is optional, but highly recommended for new applications. Existing applications will function without modification and may be migrated in an upcoming release as migration tools are available.

This release also includes additional integrations and improvements to existing integrations, including:

  • Hooks for Google Analytics,
  • Integration with the UploadCare file uploading service,
  • Built-in support for opt-outs in the SendGrid email integration,
  • Support for iOS and Android push notifications,
  • Integration with the Bitly service for short URLs,
  • Initial integration with the Twilio service,
  • Initial integration with the Slack service.

In addition to Bootstrap support, this release includes a number of qualitative enhancements:

  • Improved security against various threats as detected during penetration testing,
  • Significant performance improvements in template expansion.

Also included in this release are a moderate number of minor features and bug fixes.

About NetQuarry

NetQuarry develops and licenses the NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform. The NetQuarry platform helps professional software development teams develop significantly better enterprise and hosted applications.

NetQuarry is privately held. For more information, call (877) 824-2524, email info@netquarry.com, or visit our website at www.netquarry.com.