FULLERTON, Calif. – June 22, 2015 – NetQuarry, Inc. announces release of v4.0.1 of its NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform.

This release is the first NetQuarry platform production release with support for the Bootstrap framework. As such, the primary focus of the release is to provide initial support for Bootstrap with no disruption to existing customers and applications. The intent is to allow initial development of new applications taking advantage of the Bootstrap framework in anticipation of more complete support in subsequent releases. Existing applications will function without modification and may be migrated in an upcoming release as migration tools are available.

The initial Boostrap implemenation includes basic support for the following:

  • Customized CSS styling using .less files,
  • Widespread use of GLYPHICONS and Font Awesome glyphs,
  • Responsive design,
  • Built-in support for various date, time, and date/time pickers.

In addition to Bootstrap support, this release includes a number of other enhancements:

  • Improved support for synthetic data including built-in filtering, sorting, and aggregates,
  • New ApplicationPageInit, ApplicationPageHtml, and ApplicationGetMailService events,
  • Page subheader support,
  • FileUploader support for file size and type restrictions,
  • Support for PluginTemplates,
  • Support for container templates,
  • Support for PluginTemplates,
  • Support for conditional environments on services.

Also included in this release are a moderate number of minor features and bug fixes.

About NetQuarry

NetQuarry develops and licenses the NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform. The NetQuarry platform helps professional software development teams develop significantly better enterprise and hosted applications.

NetQuarry is privately held. For more information, call (877) 824-2524, email info@netquarry.com, or visit our website at www.netquarry.com.