FULLERTON, Calif. – December 4, 2014 – NetQuarry, Inc. announces release of v4.0.0 of its NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform.

This release is the first NetQuarry platform production release built on .Net 4.0 and targeted for the .Net 4.0 framework. As such, the primary focus of the release is the framework conversion itself with as little disruption to existing customers and applications as possible. With the v4.0.0 release we are happy to be able to provide an extremely smooth migration path requiring only a recompile, a small number of standard .Net Web.config settings, and, for applications with integrated SQL-Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports, a minor reference change to affected reports.

The .Net migration is comprised of the following major changes:

  • Adoption of Visual Studio 2013
  • Migration of existing platform code to .Net 4.0.
  • Replacement of the original .Net installer with an InstallShield-based installer.
  • Development of a .Net 2.0 to .Net 4.0 COM interop bridge for SSRS support.
  • Updating of certain 3rd party components to .Net 4.0 compliant versions.

Although the .Net framework transition is the primary purpose, this release includes a number of other enhancements:

  • Improved mobile support and responsive design,
  • Support for exposing an application REST API,
  • Various mailer enhancements.

Also included in this release are a somewhat small number of minor features and bug fixes.

About NetQuarry

NetQuarry develops and licenses the NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform. The NetQuarry platform helps professional software development teams develop significantly better enterprise and hosted applications.

NetQuarry is privately held. For more information, call (877) 824-2524, email info@netquarry.com, or visit our website at www.netquarry.com.