Once again, NetQuarry renews its summer internship program for its 9th consecutive year with interns from Troy and Valencia High School!

This year our office welcomed three high school interns each bringing their unique skill sets and past experiences. Due to Covid-19, the internship was held virtually for the first time. Alan Pham and Arin Sasmal have joined us from the local Troy High School as a part of the Troy Tech program. Gavin Anderson came from Valencia High School as part of the Val Tech Program. These three are going into their senior year of high school at their respective schools.

Last Zoom meeting for the interns!
(Top Row, Left to Right): Intern Gavin Anderson, mentors Campbell Woods, Mark WIlson, (Bottom Row): Interns Alan Pham, Arin Sasmal, and mentor Richard Abbey (Not Pictured): Andrew Gray

Unlike previous years, this year our interns worked from home working in a group with guidance from several NetQuarry employees. Through the use of Slack and Zoom, they worked together on a new project that would help users launch builds through the use of Slack, a communication platform.

The interns were able to learn many new coding skills by the end of the internship. By working in a group, they were able to work as a team on a project, gaining experience in communication and understanding the different aspect of working in a group, such as documenting code and understanding how to work synchronously to create the best possible program. As they worked on the new project, they learned how to code in Node.js, the steps to develop a complete program, and how to troubleshoot code and adapt it to the situations and problems presented. In addition, they were able to learn how to use a MySQL database.

We hope by the end of the internship they are all prepared to take on even greater tasks in the working world and hope for nothing but the best for all of them in the future!