COSTA MESA, Calif. – October 14, 2008 – NetQuarry, Inc. announces official tier 1 support for the Google Chrome browser in its NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform.

Cam Woods, NetQuarry Chief Scientist, said Tier 1 support was announced despite the fact that the Chrome browser is still a beta, developer-only release at this point (v0.3.154.0 at the time of the announcement) due to the browser’s relative stability and quick release cycle. “We find that Chrome is very fast and overall quite solid, particularly for a beta release. It seems like a reasonable choice for many users as their primary browser today and we only see it getting better over time.”

Chrome joins a wide variety of other browsers officially supported by the NetQuarry platform including all recent revisions of Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox 2 and 3, Safari 3 for Macintosh and Windows, and Opera 8 and 9.

About NetQuarry

NetQuarry develops and licenses the NetQuarry Enterprise Application Platform.  The NetQuarry platform helps professional software development teams develop significantly better enterprise and hosted applications.

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