Drawing from the great experiences brought about from last summer, NetQuarry has restarted its summer internship program. Three students have been brought in from around the Fullerton area to help with entry-level software tasks (they’re not coffee-fetchers here!) such as finding bugs in the platform, helping serve client requests, and maintaining the website (like writing this blog post).

Two of the interns this summer are incoming seniors who are participating in Troy High School’s required Tech Internship program, while the other is a recent Corona del Mar High School graduate who will be attending MIT in the fall. They will all be under the leadership of a former NetQuarry intern who is currently conducting consulting work with the company and will be attending UCI this fall.

The interns will experience a hands-on introduction to working in the world of software development that provides skills valuable to future pursuits in the industry. They’ll work in a professional environment, develop projects in groups, and handle deadlines.

Computer science classes in high schools and colleges mostly focus on the theoretical aspects and fundamentals of computer science. However, with this standard, the applications themselves, especially in the business world may be glossed over. As interns, the students will be able to apply what they already know about computer science while learning the dynamics of a professional setting.

NetQuarry Interns
The three interns with their lead intern