NetQuarry’s summer internship program is in full swing with its biggest year yet! A total of five interns are working together on a variety of basic software assignments on database applications and extensions, including creating surveys and organizing tables of newly imported information.

With one returnee from last year, the five interns represent a diverse variety of backgrounds: one incoming senior participating in Troy High School’s Tech internship program, one graduated senior from Troy attending USC this fall, a returning junior to Boston University, a returning sophomore to USC, and finally a returning junior to Notre Dame.

Alongside the staff here at NetQuarry, these interns will get a chance to be integrated into the NetQuarry team. Not only will they be contributing directly to the production and overall progress of the company, but they will also learn valuable hands-on lessons that few high school or college classes have the opportunity to teach.

Now that the modern age upon us with software technologies advancing by the year, it is very difficult for newcomers in the industry to find stable ground and understand the nature of the profession. We hope this internship will be an important stepping stone for the futures of these interns as they enter into a technology-filled world.

The Fullerton Five of Netquarry, Inc.