This tutorial explains how to use the platform to create a simple, yet powerful issue tracking application.

In this application, there are two important objects, an “issue” and an “individual.” The issue holds information about the issue or problem report and the individual models information about a user in the system.

The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Users of the system are authenticated using a directory managed by the application.
  • Issues should be entered with a minimum of information – description, type, severity. The rest of the information should default to reasonable values.
  • Issues assigned to the logged in user should be easily available.
  • Issues can be related to each other. This relationship may be specified as related, duplicate, dependency. Relationships are displayed only in one direction.
  • The Issue and Individual objects must support attachments and free text notes.
  • The Issue and Individual objects should track the last updated user and last updated date/time.
  • Read the document here.

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