Wizard Pages

The NetQuarry Wizard engine is a meta-data driven multi-page UI element. It allows users to create or edit data or to initiate action across a series of application pages. In addition to purely declarative content, the wizard can host custom pages and supports programmatic overrides.

The NetQuarry Wizard is fully integrated into the NetQuarry platform and participates in the platform’s permissioning, user preferences, and object mobel schemes. The Wizard supports binding to one or more Mappers and individual Mappers can be distributed across multiple Wizard pages.

The primary purpose of the Wizard is gathering comprehensive data over a series of pages. It includes support for:

  • Localization and internationalization
  • Client-side data validation with server-side redundancy
  • Full support for all major browsers
  • Full functionality of NetQuarry Detail control
  • Fully custom wizard pages
  • Configurable running summary
  • Configurable external summary
  • Configurable redirection on wizard cancellation and/or completion
  • Meta-data allocation of individual Mapper fields across multiple pages
  • Inter-page dependencies
  • Programmatic inter-page redirection