StaffGarden is a private professional network that helps connect nurses to healthcare organizations and helps healthcare organizations hire faster and more reliably.
StaffGarden partners with healthcare institutions to help hire and engage the best nursing talent.

The technology

The StaffGarden Platform is a two-way online marketplace for nurses and hospitals. The technology has multiple facets:

  1. For nursing clinicians, a private, clinical Portfolio that is a durable, online, shareable professional CV.
  2. For Healthcare HR, a recruiting management system that supports “Direct Hire” event management, dynamic order matching, and engagement / communication support for nursing and HR leadership.
  3. For acute care institutions with nurses a professional advancement program (Clinical Ladder) that helps retention, engagement, and recruiting.

Hiring Events

StaffGarden executes delightful hiring events on behalf of our healthcare partners. These are normally one-day interview days with screened, scheduled candidates scheduled with hospital hiring managers. StaffGarden helps with 4 different types of events:

  1. One-day, on-site interview event. We have hired as many as 60 nurses in a single day at a one-day hiring event.
  2. Internal department transfer event. Nurses frequently leave an institution because internal department transfers are complicated, slow, or uncomfortable. A StaffGarden internal event works like a hiring event but is available only to nurses currently employed at the institution.
  3. Alumni hiring events. StaffGarden will collect and market directly to hospital alumni (previous hires) who have left the facility at least 12 months previously. These nurses are screened for current interest and scheduled into an interview slot. Hiring alumni can dramatically improve onboarding time and decrease productivity loss.
  4. Virtual or ongoing hiring events. For smaller needs (20 or less) or healthcare institutions with a large spread to geography (sub-acute clinics, LTC, SNF, …) StaffGarden can schedule interviews with screen candidates directly with hiring managers.

Why StaffGarden

The costs to fill the nursing vacancies of US health care organizations (vacancy rate of RNs averages 8.5% in the US) is staggering. The average cost to replace a bedside registered nurse is between $59,300 and $89,400. The average time-to-fill is between 54 and 109 days for experienced RNs (82 days on average).

  1. Each percent change in RN turnover (17% in the US) will cost/save the average hospital an additional $373,200.
  2. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) turnover exceeds all other nursing positions at 23.8%.
  3. The cost of nursing overtime and contract labor alone can push a hospital from profitable to not profitable. Nursing is also in the middle of a major shortage, expected to grow over the next 10 years to 1.2M vacancies.
  4. Perhaps even worse, the people tasked with sourcing, recruiting, screening, and filling these vacancies are under-resourced and ill-prepared to the task.
  5. All of this points to a very large opportunity for a solution that improves the ability of healthcare organizations to fill nursing vacancies fast and reliably.
  6. Consider this – by simply reducing the time-to-fill by 14 days (82 to 68 days on average) an average hospital (1,500 FTE budgeted) would save $600,000 in overtime, registry, and travel costs per-period.