The Platform

NetQuarry is the Enterprise Application Platform for Microsoft .NET.

The platform is comprised of pre-built software, metadata and tools designed to help professional software teams develop significantly better enterprise and hosted business applications. Developers using NetQuarry will deliver everything faster (less time and manpower equals less cost):

  • Rapid Prototypes (in as little as one day)
  • Functional applications that perform like highly mature ISV solutions
  • Continuous, quality improvements and iterations
  • Agile response to the reality of changing requirements

The NetQuarry platform is not a code generator. Rather, it is a declarative framework that provides a foundation of deep functionality common to all enterprise and hosted applications, including data binding, database virtualization, OS-virtualization, searching, filtering, user interface, and role-based security.

Modern applications demand a modern, service-oriented architecture. It takes a deeply sophisticated engineering infrastructure to provide both rich end-user functionality and full WebServices support. Applications founded on the NetQuarry platform fully participate in an enterprise wide service oriented architecture, all without any additional work on the part of the application developer.


There are several elements that distinguish NetQuarry from its competitors.

  • NetQuarry is a platform layer or tier, not embedded code,
  • NetQuarry is an application system, not a framework,
  • NetQuarry leverages widely accepted programming languages and tools,
  • NetQuarry uses meta-data to describe significant portions of your application,
  • NetQuarry is intended for iterative, agile development.