The NetQuarry Platform has been optimized to minimize server load while maximizing performance. Similar effort has been made to minimize bandwidth requirements while providing a highly interactive user interface.

Applications developed on the NetQuarry platform receive full benefit of these capabilities without any additional effort:

  • On-demand caching of all meta-data
  • On-demand caching of appropriate operational data with automatic flushing across servers when necessary
  • Client-side data validation
  • Extensive AJAX support
  • Client-side expression calculations
  • Client-side caching of subform pages
  • Client-side caching related data popups
  • Optimized SQL for dynamic queries
  • Sophisticated Picklist implementation significantly reducing the need for complex views to resolve vocabulary items
  • Stateless model (taking advantage of affinity if available)
  • Performance timing logging to support developer optimizations
  • Advanced navigation support to minimize transit page requests