Console Pages

The NetQuarry Console is a meta-data driven page with multiple panes. It allows information from disparate sources to be displayed in a single page and allows for user configurability.

The NetQuarry Console is fully integrated into the NetQuarry platform and participates in the platform’s permissioning, user preferences, and object model schemes. The Console supports binding to one or more Mappers with a variety of presentation formats.

The Console is designed to provide a user-friendly dashboard, landing page, or aggregation page. It includes support for:

  • Localization and internationalization
  • Full support for all major browsers
  • Persistent per-user pane positioning
  • Persistent per-user pane collapsing/expanding
  • A variety of standard, meta-data driven pane contents:
    • Lists
    • Details
    • Graphs
    • Maps
    • Navigators
  • Completely custom pane contents