Understanding the Platform

When trying to understand NetQuarry, it is helpful to understand several aspects of the product. First, what is the physical structure and content of the software? Second, what sorts of users interact with it and what does that look like? Third, what are the most important components and how do they interact?

Physical Structure

NetQuarry is a complete set of Microsoft .NET libraries, executable applications, web pages, and meta-data. The entire platform has been written in 100% managed .NET code. The core platform libraries expose a set of managed classes that drive the application using meta-data as a primary means of configuration.

How it Works


The common functionality includes data binding, database virtualization, OS-virtualization, searching, filtering, user interface (UI), security / permissioning, and numerous other capabilities. The platform is comprehensive and extendable. Most of the objects have both the capability to fire events through extensions and be configured via meta-data.