Today’s dynamic business environments demand a great deal from developers and the applications they are tasked to build. NetQuarry believes not only that the requirements for these applications do change, but that they ought to change, and change rapidly to meet the needs of the modern enterprise. Supporting this agile, iterative process requires advanced infrastructure.

NetQuarry is designed for new application development, but it also provides a robust method of quickly and effectively porting legacy application to Microsoft .NET.

The cry from the cubicles on every problem software development project: “the problem with this project is that the requirements are always changing.” The surprising thing about this situation is that anyone is surprised by it. In building business software requirements changes are a normal, healthy, and important part of any successful application, the interesting question is what to do about it.

It is difficult to see what value a software feature has until it is useable. Only when you use a working version of some software do you really begin to understand what features are valuable and what parts are not.

So, the ironic point is that customers expect that requirements should be changeable — not just are changeable; rather they ought to be changeable. In today’s economy the fundamental business forces are changing the value of software features rapidly. Software infrastructure, then, must embrace these ideas in order to provide real value.