NetQuarry partnered with OptionEase when it was founded in 2005. OptionEase was the market and technology leader in on-demand accounting compliance solutions. More than 350 companies ranging from small privately held start-ups to large multi-national public corporations used the OptionEase compliance solution to comply with the complex regulation of FAS 123(R) [now ASC Topic 718] and manage their equity plans. The application provided a full compliance solution for companies having a large variety of types of equity and option plans for their employees.

In November 2012 OptionEase was acquired by Solium Capital Inc (SOLIUM CAPITAL INC. ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF OPTIONEASE INC.) a Canadian company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The NetQuarry Platform and the NetQuarry team were instrumental in the success of OptionEase from inception through to its successful sale.